J Roger Antiques Ltd.

J Roger ( Antiques) Ltd is based in West London. It has been flourishing since the early sixties, and has maintained its image throughout the years , consistently specializing in small and elegant English late 18th Century and early 19th Century furniture.  The emphasis has always been on authenticity, colour, and patination.

J Roger (Antiques) Ltd is well respected and Carolyn Bayley has enjoyed selling at the BADA Fair for many years until it came to a close, to collectors and other dealers or people who just want one example of a beautiful antique to mix with, for example, a modern painting. The simplicity of line of late 18th C English furniture fits easily into a contemporary setting. Sofa tables, card tables, Pembroke tables, and work tables complement an eclectic interior.

Lighting is essential to the aura of a room and we therefore sell sympathetic conversions of antique lamps with an increasing concentration on Delft blue and white 18th and early 19th century vases (so popular in the 18th century in Holland as a substitute for the more expensive Chinese imports) and now greatly in demand and collected.

Colour can be added with decorative period painted armchairs, papier- mache trays and lacquered furniture, such as hanging corner cupboards.

Carolyn offers the best examples of their sort she can find, and thoroughly enjoys exhibiting and selling them to clients old and new.

J Roger Antiques